Do you think that the Somali language will survive here?

Im not kidding more carab can better af soomali by many ppl here these days u cant talk shit infront of them even in class lesson when we cheating we talk in af soomali nacalaa learned af soomali by hanging with us
I know that I'm focusing on the small and negative portion of our community but I see them getting bigger and stronger everyday. I see Arabs and Indians opening up weekend schools to teach their kids the language.
I'm ashamed to say I struggle with writing and reading our language but inshallah I will improve myself single day.
Who cares? Somaliwayne still exists and plenty of people speak Somali. Somalis in the West will eventually assimilate and marry ajnabi's like cadaans.
It most def will not survive in the west outside of fresh immigrants from Somalia assuming the country doesnt improve, and there is no real reason it needs to.

Itll still be the language in Somalia.


No, unless waves of new immigrants come. Our language, culture and religion will die out each generation.