Do you think that qiyamah will happen in this decade?


No but maybe in our grandkids’ grandkids. Because think about it. Dajjal will only come when people forget about him and his history and warning are erased. We still know about him and sheikhs are still alive and YouTube videos too. Mahdi will come when the Muslims are so small of a handful that they can fit a mountain. we have 2 billion Muslims
yes it’s getting closer and 75/79 minor predictions came true but I still that there is time. Remember, the first sign was the prophet’s death. That was in the 7th century.
But everyday it’s closer with the Hadith rejecters and “don’t judge” people. The hijabs being “oppressing”. Women wearing clothes but it’s revealing. Zina and riba will be widespread. The Arabs UAE will build tall buildings (Burma khalifa)
What scares me is that it's possible with nuclear war or ww3 for only young children and youth to survive as orphans. Allah knows best.

But worst case scenario knowledge will pass with the adults dying at that time. Lots of females will be left to the few surviving men.


I’m trying to calm myself down right now. I have severe panic attacks when it comes to day of judgement signs.
But here is the wild animals one
  1. Wild animals will communicate with humans, and humans will communicate with objects.[note 36]
Koko the high IQ gorilla??? Many more such examples.

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No... not a single major sign has occurred. The major signs will definitely take more than a decade to complete. So by just basing it off what the prophet told us it prolly won’t happen this decade. May Allah prepare us all for it though.