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Do you think K’naan’s The Dusty Foot Philosopher was a classic ?

That album an 808 and heartbreak were the two first albums I’ve ever bought in 2010 when I was 10

Since then I’ve listen to nearly tens of thousands of different albums in many different genres and I can honestly say this is very high-quality album covers a lot of topics thorough out it, it’s very pleasing to listen to and I’m very proud of K’naan for making this album it must’ve been very difficult to make something that’s unique to him and his experience despite the fact he was on a major label and probably had a chance to go the easy route and speak on general topics

I’m not saying that Kendrick was influenced by this album but to me this was Good Kid Maad City before Good Kid Maad City
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If you haven’t listen to it I really really recommend you give it a listen and not just one of the songs but I’m beginning to the end it’s very great concept album
It is 100% a classic. I remember he gave the CD to me for free outside of a Somali store in Toronto and I was hooked. The songs are still bangers. I wish i still had the physical copy.

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I liked Trobadour or whatever he named it better. My mom bought it for us back in 2009. Played it from beginning to end.

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