Do you support small businesses especially in these dire times?


Garaadka Guud ee Beesha Calaamka
I love supporting small businesses when I’m working and need a quick bite to eat. Fast food is terrible for us, overly processed. But mom and pop eateries cook with soul.
Nope, fk em.

Trying to sell me sandwiches for £10.

balaayo ku dhacdo.

Exactly. Was meeting a friend one time and I got there an hour early, there was this fancy-dancy chicken place nearby and I thought id eat there as the owner was somali. The nigga charged me extra despite having a lunchtime offer. I didn't want to cause an issue as the place was hella empty but I never went back and you best believe I don't recommend his dry-ass chicken spot. Nacala abti tryna upcharge me because for what reason. Who told you to open a bougie peri peri-style chicken shop in the ghetto? Know your demographic.