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Do you support freedom of religion in Somalia?

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LOVE is none smelly Dhuuso.
Let Them Eat Cake
And they’re still Muslim. Practicing man made law doesn’t take you out of Islam if you don’t approve of it or you have no knowledge.
Allah does not hold us accountable for what we don’t know what we were forced into and what we forgot.

Agreed. Leaders of the land have a tremendous responsibility of his or her citizens in aqeero


The one and only 4head
Freedom of religion is a sign of prosperity in a country.
Somalia has no place for civilization, besides the daily bombings and the machettes that cut throat, this country is doomed.

But as soon as it gets up and stands as a free country, our nation can have people of different ethnic groups, of different creeds and religions.
Until then, we ought to live with turban-wearing, macawis-selling, big-headed Zoo's
'Freedom of religion' would mean Somalia, along with the plethora of problems it has, would now face an AIDs epidemic. We all see how saqajamaads infest places with their bila-diinimo, imagine multiplying that by 10x.

Why are we acting like our ancestors didnt get giggity and marry the amhara women

Our ancestors had allah the kutub and the sword and took their women with style:denzelnigga:

But we only passed our qabil to our somali sisters:damnmusic::banderas:
Kaffirs bring degenerates kids who dont pay taxes like the should remeber kuffars have to pay to live in muslim land:ulyin:

If they dont they cant love here:nahgirl: