Do you sometimes itch

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Rag waa shaah dumarna waa sheeko.
To pick fights in relationships? Like things are going smooth but all of the sudden you think, Mhmm, I wonder what it would be like if they weren't. Do men feel this way too?

Horta when men get to that stage sheekada way dhamatay, it's a case of cagaha waxa ka day. It isn't limited to relationships as i've had similar experiences with some female relatives of mine. I completely ignore them when they're like that but surprisingly enough this infuriates them more, it's as if not getting a reaction from me took away some unknown satisfaction, are you like that as well ? From my limited experience i would say that there're levels to this type of behaviour some more volatile than others.

To answer su'uaashada i've never acted nor felt that way when i was in a "relationship" & i use the term "relationship" loosely.
wouldn't deal with a woman who felt like doing this for no reason

i get that arguments happen but i cbf with drama, i have better things in my life to focus on and so if the girl is still stuck in that mind set.... the door is right there
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