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Do you see yourself working a 9-5 your whole life?


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I work longer than 9-5 but I get to work at home/cafes/out of country if I want most of the time. Commuting is the worst.


Nah I doubt ill even get an actual 9-5 my field is one of those ones were they do 11 to 4 and weird half days at most companies. If my workplace is anything like my internship that i just had boy that shit is easy i dont mind it will keep my brain active
A 9-5 job will always pay your bills. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. If you can do it then go ahead but always have a backup plan. It’s also good to learn how to save money, always divide your money into multiple accounts so you can manage it effectively.
Working 9-5 is only a means to getting enough capital to start a business.

But until that business idea actualises, I make more than enough from my 9-5.
I am not gonna spend a penny while saving up money and then quit the job around 25 - 26 to make a family and move back home.

Time is more valuable than all material things in the world, better use it right.

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