Do you plan on staying in the West all your life?

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just found this thread, late response. But I am interested in leaving America once I'm settled. my goal is to work in the health field as a doctor. inshallah if I become a doctor here than I will be very open to working somewhere else besides America. American doctors can almost work in any country. They might have to take some extra steps but it is possible. I was considering the areas where I could raise a family in a safe place. I was looking at countries like Dubai,oman, and maybe Somalia.
I used to think I can live back home. But contrary to what many think, living back home, especially in Hargeisa, is fucking expensive. Everything is imported, so costs more than in the UK. Why would I pay 3 dollars for a cup of tea or 12 dollars for a pack of Pringles Sour Cream? Are these people having a laugh?:ayaanswag:
That pringles is a fact. I think it's from mexico too with the wierd writing on the back


I would definetly want to live out like my 40s and later on in Somalia. Make your money in the west. Buy a house and land in Somalia and open business. You can do that in the west too. Just keep the connections in both countries like our parents, it's not that hard.


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Im already planning on owning a couple houses in Hargeisa and open up some businesses than when Im in My 30s I can either stay there and chill or go back to the west and work some more and still get money Coming in from many ways
Do you want to die here or live the rest of your old days in Somalia?


I like to live and spend the rest of my old days in Somalia or way before. I have a game plan which consists of getting higher degree in education/technical/science(working on it) and small amount of money that can give me soft landing in wherever I choose to go back to.

My current skill level and education is not that useful in Somalia at the moment. They don't have the industry to employ me although some of my know-how skills are transferable. So, adding additional degree to what I have can expand my opportunities in a country that is just getting started.

I set less than ten years for myself.
Living in Somalia can sound good: sunny weather, higher social status, lower cost of living, political and business opportunities, etc.

But romantic visions of life in Somalia can shatter after a few days/weeks in country. Yes, its sunny but its also blisteringly hot. Yes your social status will be higher, but a thousand cousins and long lost relatives will come to you daily for shaxad. Yes the cost of living is lower, but so is the quality of everything from housing to education. Yes there are political and business opportunties, but only for the clan-connected and even then you may become a target.

So move to Somalia if you want, but dont go there guided by delusions of what life there will be like. The West isnt paradise and has its problems, but its the devil we know.