Do you know what it is to be a Sensible soul?


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
If you can go past the Bull!sh@t that humans indulge in every day. If you observe with your sparkling mashalaah large eyes at people and how they behave.

Take Somali Men and Somali Women courting for example.

I know a Xaliimo ...who has mastered the art of Shukaansi. She rolls eyes, she dismisses Farahs like Tampons, and wears huff & Puff perfumes to leave her trace behind. She is very arrogant and rude. Not civil at all. Yet the Farahs flock to her like bees, buzzing around her slavishly, their manly scent around her not even making a dent to her athriisho game. Its really a spectacle to observe.

A Sensible person like me,.....will not waste my times in saying things i don't mean. Really the value of my time is of the utmost! Had i been a prostitute i would have been a really proficient one! I am neat, i seat, hands folded, this is in my younger days of courting by the way. If i observe a farah wanting the chase game -- i stand still and look at him, and say-- Waaryaaa Miyaad Buuqtaa? Talk Sensibly. Agaaah. (Sorry yaa ogadenia for borrowing your phrase there)

But walaaahi it is very interesting observing this shukaansi rituals. The farah seems to rejoice on being abused by this Xaliimo suuuro and behavior.

Yaab badaaana
This is the dating dance of many cultures not only Somalis. People love a challenge, it makes them feel more deserving of the reward. Being aloof is how a girl is suppose to play the game ☺


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