Do you know this plant?


Hakuna matata
Widely used in Somalia, t its good for treating stomach pain, UTI’s and cold and flu symptoms.

I wonder if any of you use it, comes in powder form.



ᶜᵃʷᵒ ᶜᵃʷˡᵒ
It is called diingax in Somali.

I don't know it in English.
I heard diingax and diinsi before, but I think those terms are more common in Southern Somalia. Up in the north or at least in SL, we call it "like", pronounced as likke. And the fruit(edible) is called "tamayuluq", it looks like this:

The English name is Hydnora Africana.
We call it dinnsi, i guess its the same.

I guess so.

Very juicy and quenches thirst.

Remember pulling it out and eating it just outside of the main towns.

Can't remember the taste, but I think it was a weird taste between sweet and sour with a bit of a kick to it.