Do you have an inner monologue in your head.

Do you have conversations with yourself in your mind?

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King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
Yes no lie I do quite often:

I subconsciously double check everything to assessment, sometimes it makes me overly doubtful a bit at times but once I sort out the facts thoroughly (thick and thin through and through) then the inner monologue quiets down.
Not always such as a deep thinker as I sound cause I like to be fast on my feet with the facts though.
I know some of you out there feel me on that!

Most of my other inner mind workings sticks to myself but I will hint I often think of landscapes, shapes, and colours. Lot of tribal designs. Best way to describe my mind's inner day dream visions (almost shamanic) Kind of best way to describe it is like psychedelic in the psychology if you will.

The world inside one own's mind maybe a very different one than the actual reality with visions, hopes, dreams, ambitions, and thoughts in all.
However we must be sturdy minded in what we tell ourselves to be of sound firmness to make reality more reflective of ourselves in what outputs next.


Soomaali waa Hawiyah Iyo Hashiyah

some don’t sound natural and feel eary so I can differentiate between my inner voice and my inner demon