Do you guys notice

On every series from Netflix to HBO they are pushing this narrative to normalize lgbtq qowmuluud stuff.. I was watching this HBO series called the chi and I was enjoying it until the whole show got turned into lgbtq propaganda.. :susp:
LGBTQIN can be best avoided by telling yourself "it does not exist" again and again; 30 times.

After I did that, at my old job, a feminine Asian man noticed by puzzled attitude when they were talking about Pride month. I accidently blown my cover and said "don't Asian's have pride?" thinking that it was their alternative to Black History Month.

I admitted to them I did not know what Pride Month was and it was awkward as hell from there. So follow my advice. Filter it out asap saxib.
I also notice they're trying this agenda into the black community even more than in other communities.. Wtf.. Blm is also never movement which is part of this agenda to normalize lgbtq qowmuluud stuff :snoop:

@Destiny would agre to this? Another element to this is also toxic feminism.. Once the genders are enough divided then its very easy to complet the lgbtq agenda and control the population.


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I was watching the walking dead Last thing id ever expect from a show about zombie apocalypse is two guys making out in a shed