Do you feel sympathy for Eastern Europeans when they face xenophobia

Do you feel sorry for them

  • No they're racist af

    Votes: 24 82.8%
  • Yes I do

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Eastern Europeans are hard working people. I did my factory jobs in my late teens with them and I respect their hustle. They don't deserve xenophobia.


F*ck Your Feelings
One thing about them they're not weak cry babies. They don't complain or start hashtags cause they experienced some xenophobia, they keep it pushing.
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I don't believe you. They hate Muslims.

What do you mean you don't believe me? Poles and Romanians in the UK are too busy working to care about Muslims. I haven't faced any racism from them in my life. I had more issues with madoows and brits being anti-muslim than eastern europeans.


They Used Hate On Somali/Me, Back In The Day Where I'm From So I Began Instigate Tormoil Within Their Camps Lol I Learn From A Young Age Albos And Serbs Don't Like Each Other Whatsoever Good Days
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Ugaas of the supreme gentleman
it's none of my business. 80% of it is against Poles, Romanians, Lithuanians and albanian's from what I've seen.
Not particularly, second and maybe some first generation Eastern Europeans pass fully as westerners. Their only issue is their accents, it doesn't take much for them to stop getting discriminated.

Where I'm from they make up the majority of foreign criminals and they target nonwhites often, so again no sympathy. Of course now that more Caribbeans are arriving those retarded madows can't wait to commit crimes.
They literally got neo nazis in their countries. Just look at Russia and Poland.
That's just retarded do they not have any history lessons there, the nazi didn't even consider slavs too be human the first people too get gassed weren't even the jews it was the slavs