Do you feel any cultural relationship between somalis and non-muslim arabs?

We always say somalis have some cultural connection with arabs obviously because of islam and historical relations, but how do you feel about arabs who are non-muslim? For example do you feel any cultural relationship with arab christians from Syria,Egypt,Iraq,Palestine etc?
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No. I've said this a million times for some reason somalis have this stupid 68 iq mentality that you cant be so somali and any other religion. A coptic arab will have more in common with a muslim arab than a somali. You go to any other country in the world and they will laugh at you if say religion means one cannot have the same culture as their fellow countrymen. This one ummah is nonsense as 2 billion Muslims are not a monolith and all have different backgrounds and cultures not to mention the differences in sects. I've met gaal somali, Christian Somalis and a whole bunch of others and the connection and language/culture shared is still there.