Do you believe in the idea of gatekeeping culture?

I've noticed a lot of people on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps getting lots of hate and stuff because they partake in a culture that is not their own, usually it's white people but sometimes it's black people, asians, etc. "Cultural appropriation" is the term for it.

Now that Somali culture is starting to spread and become popular among non Somalis(for example, that one Somali song going viral on TikTok, "Isii Nafta") most Somalis are happy that Somali culture is getting recognized, however I've seen some, particularly on this site, that are extremely hostile to the idea of ajnabis partaking in Somali culture.

What are your thoughts?
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There is a difference between appreciation and appropriation. If people give credit to Somalis/Somali Culture/Somali Artists, then I don't see an issue.
I feel bad for the women because even though her song is going viral, they're using an audio of a live version of her song, not her actual song, meaning that's she's making no money.

She most likely doesn't even know she's famous

And yes I agree


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