Do something kind for someone today!


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I did eedo @Basra. I helped an old woman on to the bus. Her smile and gratefulness were so rewarding. Happiness is in the little things.

Have a blessed evening!
I prefer to help xayawaan as people mistreat them and think they don't have emotions or a conscious.

The other day I rescued a baby kitten from the middle of the highway and took it to the animal shelter, I've rescued birds, squirrels, foxes, cats and even dogs.

Xayawaans naturally like me and being around my presence, they see me as some sort of Dr Doolittle who understands and can communicate with them.



Thank you so much for this positively uplifting thread, we should all be doing one kind act every day or even more than one :)


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I opened door for an elderly white lady, then she called me “one of the good ones”. :pachah1:I felt honored. She might even vote Democrat now.

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