Do Somalis and other East Africans enjoy playing Pool/Billiard?

I am planning to open a Pool Hall in the near future and I want to open the place in a suburb where mostly East Africans and Asians live in.

They own small shops, barbers, restaurants next to each other and hang out in cafe all day but there are no halal entertainment places.

I am also planning to add prayer rooms upstairs, sport bars to air Premier League/other league games, arcades and tables to eat and drink. There will be no music or alcohol.

My question is what do East Africans think of Pool? Do they enjoy playing it?

I think you would deff get support for this idea! My city just built its first "halal" sports bar similar concepts as to what your stating, and it's doing well here


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It's a good idea. Pool is popular but I don't know about Arcade. Table tennis is also popular.
Started playing 8 Ball. Interested in playing Snooker, which is a more tactical game; inspired Ronnie O'sullivan.

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