Do MN Somalis have non-Somali friends?


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my youth....have you seen the clips of somaliens standing at an escalator totally trying to tell me you phuckers use bidets as a matter of course. GTFOH! Y'all shit in the sand and cover it up....D phuck you talking bout bidet!
That is the lower classes, I only use the finest of bathroom hoses. I use it to flex on qassaro's like you.


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abdalla aka Reiko

u r a product of the diaspora somalis. Qaasaro
Qasaaro cause I didn’t have any Somali friends growing up? Get out of here with that BS sister Basra.

Also, I see a lot of you are under the impression that all Caucasians are drunks and do drugs. This couldn’t further from the truth. None of my friends growing up did any drugs and very few of them drank alcohol. Those that drank, knew that I was Muslim and they respected that. They knew not to invite me to any gatherings where alcohol was involved. Anyways, all we pretty much did was hang out at each others houses, go to the mall (window shopping hahaha) and or to the movies.