Djibouti is chinas .

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:kodaksmiley: we need somali savagenimo back. dhurwah ina la noqdo waaye nooh.
chinese troops heading deep into djibouti. why the f*ck? These niggas are even making fun of the name thick and juicy bubble butt djibouti.


Puntland Youth Organiser
FKD Visionary
China will play a key role in the development of puntland's infrastructure
I fucking hate how Africans can't do shit themselves and have to rely on China to help them develop, you know these indooyar aren't just coming here to help development. They want to turn East Africa into a China, they're sending all their young men who can't find wives over here to get married to African women and create a racial hierarchy, with the Chinese on top and the real Africans on the bottom. Look at Uganda
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