Did our ancestors pick one of the worst spots in Africa?

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Not a geologist but interested in what natural resources Somalia's geology could potentially offer.

Cratons are the most stablest and oldest part of continental crusts.

These cratons contain some of the richest deposits of natural resources on earth.

Just compare the above map to a similar map with locations of known mineral deposits.


Has there been any studies done on the lithosphere Somalia's on?

The older the land we're on, the richer it's deposits are.

If we don't even have Iron ore, we're screwed.

The nearest craton to us is a deformed shield in Ethiopia/Eritrea and one in Tanzania.



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How would our ancestors know this?:mugshotman:

Also wasn't Somalia a strategic location for trading?

Talking about minerals here.

Being a great location for trading is good but you can't make use of most that opportunity without your own resources.


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Don't we have oil and uranium and a lot of fish aswell?

Uranium can only be sold for now and it isn't that high in demand... The price is high because the cost of extraction mainly takes up most of the price.

Foreign currency only helps so much with procuring rare materials and knowledge from abroad and we can't rely too much on it to actually build our infrastructure and homes.

We need iron ore and other minerals for alloys to start an economy.

Do you think other developed countries imported most of the materials they used to build their country?

We probably have some Aluminium Bauxite but i'm not sure how abundant it is in Somalia.

Maybe that could do the trick but Aluminium is expensive to process and not fit for most of the infrastructure work we need.
I think the best land is Spain.

It has good weather and natural recourses in abundance .

Far enough from warmongering European countries.

Trading partners are close.
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