Despacito - Where's My Baasto? [Somali Parody]

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"You are your best thing"
This guy is not funny, if he wasn't mixed somali he wouldn't have any following. Somali people always gassing these people uff :hova:


Cultural revolution
The only thing this guy and the xoolo following him know about Somali culture is the fucking banana. :gucciwhat:

Can't be mad at him though. Better this than thousands of clueless and self hating teens. Let the uncultured kids feel culturally enriched by making banana jokes that got old in 2004
Half-Somalis are so cringe with the way they try so hard to be accepted by ethnic Somalis.

This guy is a certified goofy. I didn't watch cuz I don't want to give him views cuz views = money.

His "Abdi Bieber" vid was cringe. If he had real friends they woulda told him to not upload this crap.
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