A thread to post stupid shit you see/encounter either in real life or the internet.

most likely by coincidence but the irony is to much.

a add to remove adds.PNG

A Add for blocking adds what the fuq who clicks on this?! And what was this "Ad Remover" employees thinking when they put this shit out? My head bismillah.:noneck:

lol weeb.PNG

Bruh who the fuq gave Steam permission to advertise Hentai games on MY Steam account? Fam, I came to play Rocket League and kick console noob ass not to play this shit tf. And before any of you say "it's based on what you see on the internet blah blah blah" look at the right hand corner of this screenshot... Yeah, nega amuus.


“I am the hero of Africa.”
Counter strike go was lit in 2014/2015 I remember being so good I was getting carrying my team. Garry’s mod was good too I used to play TTT only though.