Dat ass

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the pussy is never yours, its just your turn.
watch as somali girls invade this thread like cockroaches.
gosh they are annoying...
Oh my words.

That is what i call 'bajaq'. She is also tall and dark, my favorite.

I am yet again reminded to thank the almighty for the blessings he bestowed upon me, a man from southern somalia. to the west of me, i have blessed to be neighbored to the most beautiful, the most desired girls, the habeshas aka PAHGS. To the south of me, i have blessed with the women whose body can bring down kingdoms to its knees, can make man forget about his responsibilities, the beautiful BANTUS. All i can say for now is Alhamdulilah.
too small.
yalll niggas got no taste.
if that ass ain't fat, is it really worth looking at it? remember waa dambi inaad fiiriso. if ur crossing that line, it better be good.
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