Dark skinned Somali women.


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You're appreciated? Say we're appreciated, since you're a darkie yourself


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Until a female in here admits she's dark skinned, i refuse to acknowledge the fake love OP and others are showing them :kanyeshrug:
I'm darkskinned.

The funny thing about colorism in the Somali community is that it usually (or maybe only in my case) comes from those of younger generations. Let's say...50 or younger. All 4 of my grandparents, other family elders and all old people in general never had shit to say about my skin color. I've never once had an elderly Somali person ridicule me over my skin color, or even use it as an insult when I did some dumb shit. This was also the case for many of my friends with darker skin tones.

But I got plenty of rude remarks about my skin color from my mother, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and other randos on the daily. Growing up in Somaliland, I was tempted to bleach my skin many times because of the constant bombardment of negativity. The only things holding me back were that my father (AUN), had the same skin tone and I knew he would be heartbroken if he were alive to see it and....I didn't want no skin cancer/damage.

Now, I don't love nor hate my skin tone. There are more pressing matters to worry about than how much melanin I got lol