Daqaan celis or Cultural Disproportion

Should we stop the practice or not

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Let's talk it into action

Is it right to go to these places or is it wrong it happened and we do not have any support from our communities


Certified bakhti
The need for daqan celis is the outcome of shitty parenting and environment.

Kids become influenced by their environment and most somalis that talk about daqan celis live in shitty gettos filled with juvenile kids.

The second is parents that are struggling with their own dysfunctions and workload that they have little or no time to properly raise kids. Kids gets either neglected or abused, developing dysfunctions of their own.

Imo dont have kids before everything is setup for them for them to thrive in the world.
That means having your shit in order first.
My whole fam moved to Kenya because we were hooyo maataalo kids and many more important reasons. I went to an international school, had my loving family with me and learnt af somali, daqaan and Quran. Where we lived there were many families like this and that's fine
I do have a problem where a kid alone is sent alone, esp to a boarding school. It's basically asking for the child you failed to parent properly, to be abused.

One Star To Rule Them All

Somali Militia
We should not fully assimilate within their society but not fully. Have you seen Indians who still retain their culture and understand their mother tongue. We should not compare ourselves with Blacks and act like them most Somalis see themselves as the broader group of Africans