GENETICS Dante Whole Genome thread


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I’m Reer fish and chips.

I know other Mahad cases who have done it. Makahils aswell from twitter. Do you have twitter?
Oh you're Reer UK and from Twitter. No, bro I'm not on Twitter. Welcome to SSpot! If you mind me asking how did you find the site?


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Thanks. From twitter, a lot of people I’m in gcs with are here.
That’s the way I discovered SSpot too haha :ftw9nwa:, tbh I’d advise you not to spend much time on non genetics related forums here if genetics is your interest.

Glad to see more Gadabuursi members taking the tests !!


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This test is not really about how exotic a person is, but about establishing TMRCAs (''Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor''). This is valuable information for Somali history and finding out when Somali clans were established. Most of the dates are somewhere in Middle Ages.

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There is 1 Raxanweyn and 1 Hawiye Full Y, but we need 2 of each for TMRCAs.