DAMM! Wld u forgive someone who has betrayed like this ? Anyone know this guy?

Grigori Rasputin

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I never knew Siyad Barre turned dudes into biaaatches our of feat of him.

A guy betrayed his ardent since childhood friend just so he can get promoted.

The victim sounds an MJ to me. He mentioned Abdulshi Yusuf


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"b*tches", what do you call Isaaq who turned Siyad Barre fear into a national hobby complete with memorials and yearly grave diggings?


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Naagos and hoes :drakelaugh::mjlol:
Lizard face you of all people shouldn’t speak, Gunter made porn about your eedos, how do you spread your legs for a 75 year old smelly German? And he didn’t even get arrested. Hoes will be hoes I guess.