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Dajjal is coming


Lacaag Legion
nahh i don't see that happening any time soon if the world wars happened with out the world ending i don't expected to happen any time soon


He won't appear now. 2/3rds of the world will have to die out before that. There are conditions that still must be met for his appearance.

Nukes will go off tho. Guaranteed. Also but armies will fight and many will die. 50 women will be left to 1 man.


Mr President
There is no need to run anywhere because once the Mahdi comes and the great wars start, the majority of people will perish, the first battle will be the army of Mahdi along with the Roman's fighting against a third large enemy which they will conquer (likely China)
Except that the Roman Empire isn't a thing anymore.
I don’t think dajjal is gonna come on our lifetime, I can’t say the same thing for our great grand kids tho, I really feel sorry for them. :icon lol:


Growth hacker
Muslims will be Muslims by name and say my grandparents or so and so had that religion. They will be like your typical Christian today aka not practicing.
Do I see that happening in our lifetime? No, but our grandkids or their kids might face him, as many youths are already “leaving” the religion and becoming more westernized, imagine the state of the their kids and grandkids. I’m happy being born in the 20th century alx May we not face this evil man.

I like this; The one who is telling the truth will be called a liar and the one who is lying will be praised and called trustworthy!

I also like this; The sahaba, the best people to live and the closest companions of the prophet saw, didn’t want to be chosen as leaders and take the burden and hard work that comes along with being a leader and the way our people will literally kill, deceive, steal and eat their bellies full just to be a leader for some counted years.
Imagine being questioned for every citizen you’re a leader for! That’s not something to strive for and I totally understand where the sahaba were coming from.

I wish I was a rock.:frdfvsb: