Cute Somali Girl Struggling With Basic Somali Words

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This embarrassing wallahi. Somalis are the first ones to yell that they don't know afsomali like its a fucking accomplishment.

Don't claim Somali if you can't have a basic conversation in afsomali. :nahgirl:

Spanish people speak their language fluently no matter where they were born.

Asians speak their language fluently

Even west Africans speak their language fluently.

But leave it to baqti Somalis to brag about not knowing afsomali.


Anyone that considers poor Somali speaking/writing ability as an accomplishment was probably dropped. Being Somali has more to do with blood, sadly. Language fluency can be improved. It becomes a matter of whether the person is willing to embarrass themselves to learn. Much of the reason people don't improve their abilities is complacency and perfectionism (they don't want to get anything wrong). I think it's horrible speaking sub-par Somali because it alienates you from your elders which know significantly more about the dhaqan. Knowing ones mother tongue increases morale and academic success in Somali youth.


It's a lie, they know Somali it's just that their illiterate parents tried to learn English from them so they speak broken Somali and English with a unique accent.

we can role play and do somali challenges after eid edo macano
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