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Lately i have been trying to eat healthy. I have come to the conclusion that the big belly...big bum that many Somali men showcase is because they have left their traditional diets. Our forefathers grew up on cad iyo caano and were in mint condition. All this oily baasto, suugo is killing us my brothers forreal!

These are the changes i made

  • Cut out sugary drinks instead i drink a lot of plain water and sometimes blend fresh fruits
  • Don't drink icy cold drinks with meals...actually i rarely drink anything cold now. For some mad reason i was told by my uncle when i last visited Somalia to cut out all the ice cold drinks i drink since biyaha qaboow makes your body jilaac according to him. Instead he told me to exchange my cold drinks with a hot cup of tea:vo3yidw: Laakin saxiib i ain't gonna lie my body feels a lot of firmer after making this change. Any scientific basis to this?
  • No junk food or oily food
  • eat a lot more lean meat
  • reduced carbs
  • using more wholemeal wheat flour instead of white flour
  • eat more cambuulo iyo galey or qamadi, salbuuko,
  • Don't eat after 8pm
  • Try to sleep earlier...kinda big fail
I have been trying to cut down on bariis and baasto, but man there aren't many alternatives. I love soor but what else is there for carbs in the somali diet? I love kamis, malawax but i hate muufo.

Let me know of any health foods that i should try out?


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