Critical advice on how to to *keep* money.

In all the complicated money, and wealth tips out there is a simple formula I came up with to bypass all the qashin, misinformation and loss of time. You all know how to make money but keep it? I don't think so.

It is about the + and a - sign.

+ = You gain money.
- = You lose money.

That is all you have to worry about and keep in mind and be religious in looking after. The rest is up to you to think about and you can stop reading from this point, if you have time though; continue.

Governments, various professions and businesses that live of unnecessary purchases hate only one type of person and that is a Minimalist. A minimalist is someone who only uses bare bone necessities in order to live. Literally a bed and a toothbrush etc. Now, we don't need to go all out like this but we need to learn from the principle.

So here are some things to never do:

- Be in a subscription for anything. This is designed to make you poor forever, consuming useless junk. Only purchase vital and high quality products and services that will last you years. A simple example is the multipack deals in supermarkets vs the single item; usually purchasing in bulk will guarantee to save you money.
- Lifestyle inflation. This is when your spending goes up the more money you make. Now think about this, what "money" have you now made? Nothing is the correct answer, and you are now stuck in the rat race. Why do you think Engineers and Doctors are struggling in today's economy? this is why.

That's enough for now. Let's move onto the things you should only use your hard earned cash for and that is:

- Cheap one off entertainment depending on how much you earn.
- Experiences instead of products. Go make memorable trips that will last you a lifetime.
- and anything you deem necessary following the principles I highlighted above.

Further facts you need to remember.

- Wages have been stagnant compared to inflation for the past decade.
- Your $1 today won't have the same purchasing power 2 or even 1 year ago.
- Look after your damn self instead of waiting for anybody to give you a helping hand.