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Important Crepes and Cones Official Apology


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The official statement from them, a lesson to all. PS. This is not my twitter account, I saw it on twitter:

Oh he's fired!!

When Somalis actually put bullshit aside, we can do great things.

@sigmund I commend you for this. Thanks for bringing this into light.
Well done @sigmund for catching on to racist black ppl's game. You'd think they would be the most understanding ppl to racism given their history of enslavement, yet they try to climb up the social ladder by dragging the somali name down. Keep doing your thing and a word of advice would be for you to set up a paypal so i can donate towards you creating a Anti cushite defence league website, Where you expose these racist blacks and bring light to their comments. I guarantee you it will be a success and would help to highlight these racist employees so that the sleeping somali community can respond much more quickly to their comments. Besides you can make ad revenue on this, just consider it! you deserve this for your hard work and seem well suited for this kind of work. Be the shield for the somali community sxb.

"The bantu will cry out in pain as he strikes you" - Oday Shirwac, 2009