Crazy Somali party in Kismayo

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Agent 47

21st Divsion of Somali National Army
From Hargeisa to Mogadishu to jigjiga, Kismaayo and Islii. Somalis are mindlessly dancing to sound of music.

Our country is being taken from us and we are dancing like Africa Americans.

Honestly, what are we even good for. At some point, we have to stop everything and just think.
We became like the Oromos.


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So this is what the women back home do? Interesting,

Now where will the loser Faraxs run to marry? Since the diaspora women are too educated and smart for them and this is what the ones back home are doing!

I've just asked an interesting question, I expect to get an interesting answer, not the usual calcaal from bummy Ashy Abdis.

I cringed the whole 42 seconds I've watched this video. Embarrassing.
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