Countries with significant Somali populations.


DalJecel the DhafoorQiiq
Kenya is Ogaden and pseudo-Hawiye stronghold.Half-Half is my guess.Other Somali clans form strong business class in Nairobi.

Carabaha is mostly Harti then Isaaq

UK is isaaq ,Darood ,Hawiye

Sweden is mostly Hawiye

Germany is mainly Darood ,Hawiye

North America Darood then comes other Somalis

South Africa is Cagdheer and Hawiye

Zambia mostly Majerten

Tanzania mostly Isaaq

China:- mostly Marehan

Pakistan :- considering the negligible pop. it should Raxaweyn

Other Europe :- Hawiye ,Darood ,Isaaq

Saudi :- All
In what realm is Tanzania Mainly Isaaq? Ive been to Both Zambia and tanzania and have alot of family in both. Majeerteen make up both population significantly and dominate the transportation businesses