Could this be the worst Vogue cover ever?

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I definitely think that this happened to most of the girls in that picture and I've seen it before; the girl in the middle and the one on the far right (our view) are the only ones with their natural skin tones.

Western fashion-style and modelling agencies-publications have a well earned reputation for choosing average ethnic girls while choosing the best to represent them; I knew a Dinka girl that was far more attractive than any Sudanese model out there and they discarded her for other more 'interesting' looking girls...
Chinese hate that shit, and have got companies to apologize for picking ugly models. Westerners still keep trying it tho.
The thing is the Chinese view Chinese looking models as ugly, they only want white/mixed looking asian models to potray them lol

White people will always try to make themselves look superior, so can't do much but do the same.