Considering opening a Pizza place soon


I started my own security company Cerberus.
White people love to hear "Woodfired pizza" and grilled toppings on the pizza too. One new place that opened in Uptown of my city has Woodfired pizza and they are crazy busy with like 10+ employees working.

Some restaurants the went out of business have the vents to vent up the smokey air so maybe I'll find a good spot like that and minimize my startup costs. I'll be doing delivery via UberEATS and Doordash too. Maybe even Live inside my office inside of it to save money on rent sister will work with me too or become part owner if she invests with me.

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Restaurant business is feast or famine. Labour and lease are your biggest costs, see if any/all of the fit-up costs are covered by landlord. Build in flexibility for any lease renewals - you will have to start with a multi-year with options to renew. Control the lease increase costs for any renewals.
Biggest issue I see is poor marketing by new businesses - you need to get customers and brand awareness. Social media is key with daily updates. You can increase organic growth by doing promotions and give aways and asking people to share/tag friends to be eligible.

Good luck!! Inshallah you will be a HUGE success!!