Consequences of Suspicion and Ill Opinion

Excerpt from Ibrahim Dewla’s speeches (notes are in brackets).

Abu Huraira reported: Prophet (saw) said, “People are like mines of silver and gold” (Muslim)

Each human being is like a mine of gold. He is akin to ‘reservoir of gold’. If you hold good opinion, then one's good will be revealed to you. There will be affection, love. Due to the devil, one holds onto ill thoughts then there will separation.

First consequence of suspecting someone, there will no longer be any ‘co-operation’. One’s mind ceases to see any good in that individual, one stops caring. Because he/she suspects. And (sometimes) there is no proof for merely suspecting someone. One’s perspective has changed, only their bad characteristics emphasized.

First thoughts of suspicion will appear in one’s mind. Then it will come on one’s tongue. When it comes on one’s tongue, it becomes backbiting.

Scholar Yusuf (rah) used to say the sin of backbiting, its immediate punishment is the hearts will not be united. Holding onto ill suspicion they will say this person did this and that. And that person is innocent he/she has no idea (what is being said about him/her). This is why Allah has forbidden this.

Save yourself from suspecting others. In Muslim society, one should avoid suspicion.

(Doesn't mean one remain oblivious to what is apparent. Neither that one makes habitual effort in suspicion as doing so is detrimental between spouses and relationships.)