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Congrats to the new Puntland speaker

All those calling for clan war don't understand, PL is one step ahead, we ensure the same clan is selected for the position lol. That means the same clan will war which is when their ISIMO step in and say cool it down. @nomand nigga go learn the regions you want to attack first and cause a war, you wasted all your money, time and effort due to no academic thought or academia giving u policy advice thru their PHD research. No brain is a huge killer of businesses, wealth, and power. You need to develop the brain or else you can't make money or run governments. You need academics.

Majerten is 90% phd in Somali diaspora while you sit in cafes waryaa talking about MAJERTEN cities like Hamar and Kismayo and Keenadiid. I know u worship my clan sxb, meel kasto aan aado you come dee, aniguna kuma bahni niin meel istagi karo baan ahay, not u look at gedo hahahahahaah. U worship us bro admit, ii sujud majerten akbar dheh waryaa. I created hamar you are now there, I created Keenadiid u made him a king. I created Kismayo u follow. Sxb Sade wuuna abuuda waana haram dee, waa in culumada loo dira in la baro stop following facaga, adigu isbixi, wallahi he can't. I seen marehans when they sit together the level of talk waa low level iq, his only hope is when he sits with majerten they actually think they UPGRADED
Collect 'data' evidence before u present it to the western world. Show them dates/time of southern aggression on PL. They literally live to see us die, we came to see them have a govt. Their is huge 'cultural difference' as we need strong measurable arguments for the benefit of a total separation of our societies. They cannot build any administration look at GM/HS, the reason is lack of PL contribution, there is no other answer.

We need to find correlation of data and repetition of actions of our enemies and demonstrate this to the world who will then present those facts to the enemy and say listen we can't support you while u r jus engaged in seeking to harm peaceful regions who are trying to progress and not join the mess of the south. Sxb we need to use academic points or something that is evidence based, because the world will not support us unless we speak in their methodology, they will dismiss our views as 'not fully representative' or something.

PL likly hood of collapsing is NIL though, the ISIMO are there with all our 'armies'. The Politicians do not have control of such thing beyond their 'immediate' sub sub sub clan' not their 'wider' sub clan even. That's why you see no more then 10 technicals at all time, it's never ever a clan matter. I am not as worried for Puntland civil war, we hate 'internal' war as a rule, nothing beyond 'skirmishes' at check-point and it will be stopped immediately. Nothing at the scale of Mogadishu 30 year experience.

Dude I love how the seats are clan based, it ensures if u remove one, it can't start a clan war cuz his own clan will be given the seat, it means they have to kill themselves as one of their boys is in the seat. How can a clan war happen in that. It's like saying I'll remove DR OSMAN from power but then give it to @Cognitivedissonance I will need to fight COGNISSIVE then my isimo will be like 'sit the fuck down'. That's why these southies don't get it, let them waste money on PL, cuz it means they leave behind nothing in hamar and it 'degresses' while we point to progress but the other thing dude is 'legacy' somalis are 'brainwashed' by that stuff. Look how their worshipping siyad and how marehan is treated so well cuz of it, its due to siyad legacy on the nation. Lets ensure our enemies are politicaly stumbled everywhere so he finishes his 4 years and isn't remembered so his clan has no legacy to ever run again on kkkkkkk. 1 YEAR LEFT FARMAJO BITCH AND U STILL IN VILLA SOMALIA HAHAHAHAHA MADAFACKER AS WE USE THAT TO SHOW SADE MA AHA SIYAD HAHAHAHAH AND HAWIYE BE LIKE 'B22NTI' XAA TARA GEDO GAAJO WAAYE
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Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
@Gucci mane one issue solved within a week. The Bosaso issue is solved as well. I expect my congratulations, be a man of your word:samwelcome:
Tunas are just wildin.....They're still with us.
Yo Ali Saleman boy. Why don't you form an Alliance with Other MJs they seem to have good quota in parliament. Cuz only 12 is Maxamud Saleban. We formed our alliance, u need one bro. You can't stand alone as ali saleban with 3 votes in parliament. If u want power do it the legal way, work out the votes u need and how u gonna secure them in parliament.Work out the 'dulis' in parliament who have no agenda beyond 'pay me' the ones who are there for an 'agenda' like their region development, scan parliament dude, it's easy to develop a strategy to win in PL. Ilkajir went came the closest to knocking us out. But none of you guys backed him. I just know there is no free hand out in PL, maxamud saleban are not going to give you SADAQO, if u havent learned that over 20 years, then u dumb cunt wallahi

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