Confronting A Bully At Work

That was some G shit. Somali's, for the most part, are afraid to speak up against authority.

Can you keep up us updated? We need to know what happens when he runs off to Paul:mjlol:


Wow, you handled that with talk, no blood or teeth on the ground, well done :samwelcome:
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All you did was speak calmly but this nigga was crying about ‘intimidation’

Be calm and collected, and you'll win every single time. Usually, the loud ones are pussies, when it comes down to it.

@Arma Does he work for a subcontractor or is he one of your people?
He's with the main building company. I'm with a subcontractor.

dedicating Puntland anniversary day to fighting injustice, maasha Allah to Arma :banderas:
Doing my people proud. Ali Saleebans, are very well known for not taking any kinds of crap from no-one.

Does the color of your helmets define your rang or?
Yes and no.......Black hats are managers, whereas, white, orange, blue, and green hats, can be used for managers (at some subcontractors), and regular tradesmen and labourers. Usually, white hats are for the lowest skilled workers; the labourers.

Respect standing up for your fellow Somalis is always good :salute:

Mohamed is not Somali..... he's a Fulani from Guinea in West Africa. Fulanis are a lost Somali clan, who split off from the rest of the Somalis, during the Somali Adal Sultanate's conquest of Ethiopia, some 500 years ago.

During that conquest, when the Somalis were conquering the Highlands of Ethiopia, the Fulanis somehow got lost and ended up on the complete otherside of the Highlands, and they just kept venturing westwards, going into present day South Sudan, and carrying on, until they reached the West African side of the continent.

When this clan went missing, the other Somali clans of the Adal Sultanate (unknown to them that, that clan got lost during the hike over the Highlands), named that clan, *Fulays* (cowards) overtime, the name *Fulays*, became, *Fulani*


he is madow, too much cuqdad

be careful though bro, his solicitors could use this video against you and sue you, privacy law and all that

notice how its never English guys who do this bullying about salat but foreigners starting to out white the KKK?
the guy is madow i hate to say that ive never been so shocked in my life i always assumed these uncivilized oops i mean honrable well behaved citizens were capable of such abhorrent nasty behavior
Like I said before...the browner they are the most outwardly racist they get.

One of the few good things cadaans snd indhoyar have is that they keep their cuqdad to themselves.
The irony of ironies is, that this Islam hating individual, is from Ghana. Ghana, a country, that literally took its name from a MUSLIM ISLAMIC sultanate, that ruled with and spread the Quran and the Sunnah, all over West Africa.

You honestly cannot make it up. Islamophobia, is a helluva drug.

One thing to notice Arma is at 0:35 he kept saying “Who are you?”

Thing is, I seriously doubt he would say that to White guy with the same responsibility as you. I would have pulled all the stops then.
He would never, ever had said that, if I was cadaan. Same thing for me, also. The fact that he wasn't a native English speaker, was what stopped me from going 100% at him. I actually spared him a great deal.


That was some G shit. Somali's, for the most part, are afraid to speak up against authority.

Can you keep up us updated? We need to know what happens when he runs off to Paul:mjlol:
That was all xaar, he couldn't go to anyone for help..... otherwise he'd be out the door for discrimination.

Infact, Mohamed told me that he has changed, that he no longer talks to him in his old way, and shows respect to him, this time round.