Hiatus✅ 1/18/21- ?
What are their real names if you are telling the truth:gucciwhat:
I won't say who's name is who, but Imma tell ya their names

One is called Barwaaqo and the other one is called Nimco.

Do you know the meaning of their names?

Barwaaqo= prosperity, abundance, affluence, etc.
Nimco= blessings. She was called as Nacima, but I call her babe Nimco cause she's ^blessings in disguise^


Hopefully, I don't end up like this:francis:


Hiatus✅ 1/18/21- ?
Brothers and sisters of the Diaspora, I would like state that I desire marriage with a certain woman named Nimco, better known Ugaaso on Sspot. She's been in my DMs since I first joined and we've been hitting it off ever since. As both of us are reer MJ, we feel comfortable in taking this to the next level and tying the knot. I've sent her loads of money and we're going to be buying a ring soon. I'm not spilling the beans on what the mehr is going to be, but it's definitely going to match the value of such an amazing girl. I want to thank everybody on Sspot for being such amazing friends to us over our time here, and to ask every one of you to give us your blessings as both Nimco and I complete half of our diin. Hearts and kisses for all of you :it0tdo8:
Waryaa, back off. She's taken! Show some respect at least!:draketf:


I've fallen in love with two sspoters. We've been talking to each other for about a month. We almost know about each other's personality and behavior. I can't believe I'm telling y'all this, but they agreed/accepted my proposal:banderas:

Despite my rants about xaliimo, these two ladies are the exceptional and I proposed to both of 'em. It's kinda historic since It's been rare to see two proposals accepted at the same time and no we're not getting married now, but we'll see if they confess their love for me in this thread:banderas::ahh:

@A_A and @Ugaaso :oops::oops: I'm ready for this awe-inspiring

Here are the engagement rings. I've worked days and night just to get these.:oops:

Life has never been great till I hit your dms.:banderas:

Here are the engagement rings. I've worked days and night just to get these:oops:


You lyin' baaaaastar!!!!

You told me SHE was only a fling and nothing else. End it with her right now. In front of me warya!!

*grabs ring case*


Let's go!!


Who's that kid even?:draketf:

The king always protects his queen and the queens stand by him. No one is coming in between us. No intervention, yes I don't know about others but that person needs to face me first. Things ain't easy out here. :comeon::comeon:

Dig dig! See how your Queen is missing along with Lolalola? This is some Power tv episode going on here.