Commander of the Puntland army is warmly welcomed in Xingalool, Sanaag

I am so happy my 'bah alliance' with Warsangeli is being 'saved'. It makes clans like me inside osman mahmoud 'comprimisable to PL' and even 'assisting SL' if it means it will help and further warsangeli goals as a clan ileen 'danta bahnimo' ayaa naga dhaxayso Warsangeli, gaar ahan 'dubays'.

That's why it's impossible to separate harti clans, it makes us all negioable to our 'bah wadaag' which stretch into many harti clans. PL stability is in 'jepordy' literally speaking. Osman mahmoud way ku kala kacayan shir kasta, ileen beel walbo 'bahdisa' waa gooni dee, they know what 'bah wadaag' means in ancient bari, it ensures survival if your 'male lineage brothers' turn on you, which has happened many times in the past, it happened to bah dubays.

It happened even recently to @Reer-Bari in his tuulo apparently with ali jibrahil and osman mahmoud tag teaming him out. See he lacks a bah wadaag reer bari, he was to 'in-bred' to realize marrying only within ali saleban is not beneficial for your clan long term survival if the 'male tol' you rely on all turn on you like happened to him in XUMBAYS. That's why osman mahmoud are like literally 300 years ahead of you bro. They strategically organized their clans thru marriages to certain 'clans' in Somalia.

That's why we have so many bah bah this in osman mahmoud and you only have REER THIS AND THAT, meaning you didn't strategically plan your clans-men marriage in the past to reach the point of 'bah' or at least having 5000 males now report to a single mother, like bah dubays has done. For example me and my brother are 2 males reporting to bah murusade. We will form a bah alliance against my other brothers who report to a different mother. It's simple to understand.

We are all descended from Yusuf Cisman...arintu ma aha dhinaca abaha, isku abbe bayba nahay. Its the issue of the brothers sida hassan yusuf, sicid yusuf, maxamud yusuf which is @Cognitivedissonance lineage ugaaryahan yusuf which is @Boqor Quark Boqor Cisman lineage. It's these brothers who started to find out they have different mothers marka the race was on for finding your brother who has the same mother and then finding the clan of the 'lady' who gave birth to u and then 'forming bah wadaag' with that clan...

Hadu bah dubays dagaal soo galo manta in osman mahmoud, you may see some 'dubays warsangeli' follow us into the battle. Why? it ensures I am supreme Inside osman mahmoud oo xidig la ah dubays, intu noqon laha deni iyo bahdisa dhulbahante @Reiko iyo bahdeedu which is useless DIR IS DEAD CLAN anyways, but u do see them in djibouti sometimes @Reiko ina adeer we know what u doing u aint fooling us not boohaaro who has historical beef with reer bari. We know why leelkase is in bariga due to the inviting of bah leelkase, there is no other way he would've been given a grazing spot in bariga.

The funny thing is Deni and @Cognitivedissonance share the same male lineage maxamud yusuf, but inside maxamud yusuf ma midaysana, @Reiko goes into bah dir, keenadiid goes into bah yacqob, deni goes into bah dhulbahante. Alhamdulilah that division inside maxamud yusuf will ensure they can never unite which they never did remember keenadiid? do u ever see deni with boqor burhan? nope. He knows this shit sxb. But bah dubays haba yaraado lakin wa hal guri oo dubays ah, we got 5k boys plus we can utilize dubays boys hadi arinta xumaato inside osman mahmoud. But how will maxamud yusuf boys unite? we can conquer this time bah dir cuz wa kala daadsan yihin jifadisa maxamed yusuf unlike bah dubays or bah leelkase
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If you don't help your bah wadaag waxad noqon sida khalif issa mudan a bah gareen, mee manta gareenadu ee ajuuran? gareen was a title of ajuuran, ileen ma joggan hawiye ayaa burburiyay, bah gareen was to stupid to save his bah wadaag.

Dubays will never ever do this. That's why bah gareen is losing influence inside osman mahmoud. I noticed clans with bah wadaag with darod clans are far more intelligent, haday bahdinu gasho ajuuran ama hawiye ama dirta, you will see huge problems and divisions in those clans. I can technically form another bah alliance with bah leelkase and tell them koley labadu habar waa isku dhow yihine waa darode, aan isbahaysano for dan guud. If isxul created a isbahaysi from 4 male lineages with no common mother, anyone can be isxul technicaally speaking as long your surnames ends in 'yusuf' since all their surnames end in 'yusuf' so does mine, im hassan yusuf, so can bah dir who name is maxamud yusuf. But that's political isbahaysi cause their to langaab to stand individually, but bah dubays n bah leelkase will be genuine bah darod alliance ileeen labada habar waa habar daarode. We can call the new bah alliance osman mahmoud habar darode ka bacdi gudaheena ayaan uu kala baxyna bah dubays iyo bah leelkase iyo inta kale habar darod ku abtirsada.
I heard from my father the reason they do not name their bah some clans like muse suldan, is cause habartu must of been a 'midg22' or someone less of character that you can't form an alliance with. But when the bah is mentioned like dubays, dhulbahante, dir, it means they came from noble families. Yo @Boqor Quark Boqor Cisman i love you bro but why don't you speak about your bah and only your male lineage which is ugaaryahan yusuf or samatar yusuf or watever? you see what i mean bro, habartu qiimo badan kuma fadhin miyaa ti idin dhashaye kkkkkkkkkkkk.

Waryaa madacker yahow ii jawab, anigu hassan yusuf iyo odaygi osman mahmoud waan ku faana waa asalkaygi dhinaca abaha, lakin habartu waan ku faana habar dubays oo gob gob dhalay ah. Adigu habartadu ma sheeg-sheegaysid why? why you just telling me your osman mahmoud adeer. Labada dhinaac gob baan ka ahay waryaa. Nasabkaygu waa gob sxb. Habar gob ah ayaan ka dhashay, waa ka waana sababta loo hormariyo BAH DUBAYS si loo tusiyo osman mahmoudka kale @Cognitivedissonance inaan ahayn nin habar gun ah dhashaye. I am showing off to osman mahmoud saying look at my mom she is from dubays, because our father is gob anyways sxb yusuf cisman, the question is your MOTHER GOB
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