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Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
@Idyllic is this androgenic minx who is neither a woman nor a man. She strats herself in the market and bumps into a boy slash lesbian who is melodramatically like ancient Greece dame. @Steamdevolopment

Id: How do u do ma'am? or Man?

St: I do good but what is you? I am confused as to how to Shukaansi YOU.

Id: Don't worry-- i am not available. I have two men fighting over me, i have not yet decided WHO i want to choose?

St: Well when you do, do let me know. I wont speak to you until you wear a dress.

Id: A dress to redress my issue?

St: I am sorry is that a proverb, riddle or Conjunction?

Id: No. It is a compunction

End of Comedy.
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