Canjeelo is more Somali, canjeero is an Ethiopian loan word (injerra).
Canjeero is not a loanword, zero evidence for that. Canjeero and Injerra are cognates, since Somali is a Cushitic language and Amharic has a significant Cushitic substratum. Therefore, both words share an etymological origin.

Whereas, "Canjeelo" is just a regional variation of the standard Somali Word Canjeero.
So which is it? Canjeero/laxoox or
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View attachment 146542Malawax
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ii cuun ii calaanji caloosha ii geey or (this is it’s actual name btw before people think wtf)
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odkaac/muqmaad or
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Bariis or
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shushumoow or
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baajiyo iyo leeleefow
Laxoox first. And then muqmaad.