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What to do in China?

I am still yet to see a halal restaurant here which is a major downside. I will have to travel all the way to Beijing which is an hour away.

El padrone

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If you google tianjin halal restaurant u will get recommendations and their address.

things to do in china;

visit the great wall, tiananmen square where the tankman incident happened.

if you are into entertainment, checkout KTV clubs, great place to windup and socialize. theres karaoke boots where 3-5 girls hangout, you can ask instant orgy. but beware the scams, they will ask you to buy whole table drinks and food and when ur done, you will fork out $200 and up. avoid the exotic tea. same scam.

Its been 2 years when i was there. prolly things changed.

make sure you get your chinese flag esp hunnan girls they are tall and delicate. they have the tightest punani in the world and scream like distressed rats. very fun.

happy times sxb.
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