Cheating Wife VS Cheating Husband

Which is worse, a cheating wife or a cheating husband?

  • Wife

  • Husband

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That's true isn't? There is no stigma attached to a cheated on wife, a cheated on husband however is a life long ordeal of mortification.

If he goes ahead with it than he's no different than a gelding.

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Let's say he take his wife back, she'll never see him again the same way and instantly disregard any respect she had 4 him.

A nice guy would think since the stakes are so high, he'll forgive her and she'd 4ever be grateful for him. In woman's mind however on the sub conscious level, behind all the apologizes and tears, she is disgusted and appalled of him for taking her back.

Think of it like Tarbarius who cucked that white soldier live, there is no comeback after this and even divorcing her would do little to alleviate his half torn D forget about staying with her.

Its every man's nightmare :farmajoyaab:
That white soldier was probably always a simp though- just look at the way he attempted to confront that black guy about f'ing his wife.
Anyways, I'm not making the argument that men who get cheated on should stay. Imo, they should leave also (or in rare cases: both should somehow work it out among themselves-- *if they are willing to take the risk of it occurring again).

When two people make a marriage vow...they do it with one another-- not with society. Thus, the societal stigma is irrelevant when it comes to "what's worse" in terms of someone betraying the vows. When it comes to cheating, the only person who has it "worse" is the victim [and also the kids, if there are any]. You still never answered: why are you guys so focused on societal perception all of a sudden??

And on an individual level, it depends-- lots of men also don't respect women who take them back either. The too-nice submissive woman forgives her husband, thinking it was 'an accident', 'a slip up', 'a mistake', that the guy will maybe change-- but that ish never happens. Men don't change for women. The husband will remain ungrateful. He'll become a repeat offender in no time; he'll cheat again. And what it the woman to do then?? She already lost her dignity/self-esteem when she turned a blind eye to his adulterous behavior the first time around. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...".
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