"CGTN's exclusive interview with reportedly missing Uygur"

CGTN's exclusive interview with reportedly missing Uygur

thank you CGTN for helping to find the missing Uygur

@cgtn please see if you can find Tupac
a few comments so people can hear something other than the constant repetition of "China bad" and can actually hear an alternate viewpoint:

"Much love Beijing Much love China Ignore the Western propagandists. Much love from Ghana"

"Well, the West will have a opposite opinion, "she must been forced!" Is hilarious that the West like to enforce their code of value on every country they stepped on. If differs, u will be wipe out by them. If democracy really that good, do u really need to go to such extend, spreading lies, Anti-China propaganda? Only despicable ppl like USA did that and is one wholly rogue nation. His partners in crimes are Canada and Australia. Birds of same feathers. Disgusting."

"The Americans and their Anglo Saxon allies or vasssals are trying to destabalize China and instigate Xinjiang to seek independence. Nothing new. Spewing fake news about Xinjiang."

"Opportunists living in the West trying to reap benefits about alleged human right violation or missing relatives in China so they can recieve handout in countries that they could seek asylum."

"USA is scared China may became global power challenging USA empire"

"This kind of geniune news never got a chance to make it to the western medias."
I know that some of you are not old enough to remember how everyone "knew" Saddam had WMDs.......

but if you're old enough to remember "weapons of mass destruction"..... I think you have no excuse for taking this new "WMDs" propaganda at face value......

in the 1960's, the Viet Cong supposedly attacked the US at the Gulf of Tonkin....
then that turned out to be a lie
in the 90's Iraqi soldiers were supposedly snatching babies out of incubators.....
then that turned to be a lie
in the early 2000's Saddam supposedly had "WMD"s....
then that turned out to be a lie
now China supposedly is genociding Uygurs.....
and I'm supposed to believe that?
if you're too young to remember 2003, I don't really blame you.... but I'm old enough to remember and I'm not falling for this microwaved "Saddam has WMDs" hoax....

how many times are people going to fall for the same tricks?

when China starts lying about people having wmds and then invades countries on the other side of the world, maybe I'll take a harder line on China

so is he a ccp shill?

I was saying the same thing on July 8th

Who has China invaded? I hear China is so evil like I heard Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Yet it is the United States that has such a history of invading people. It is the United States that was built on genocide.
I was saying that before the former NBA player was reported as saying it


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