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Certain western Somalis are just too far gone!!!!!

9:10. What is up with this brother for real
He looks high af:drakelaugh:

Youtuber ;What nationality wouldn't you date?

Abdi: "Yo listen, every religion. Any woman, is that what you saying like $ex or marriage?. I loff woman, she's a black. I wanna marry new one" :ftw9nwa:

Thesis; "I loff every woman" --- Abdi :mjlol:
@Always Lit It's true that your diaspora chew, not even chew but graze on khat. Bunch of unproductive faarax. This nigga is the example of some of the losers your diaspora got. Accept it and don't be in your feeling with qashining:childplease:



The one and only 4head
There's one madow on the video who said that we are too dark,
but he looks a f*cking monkey and an ugly one.