Centralist Vs Federalist. All Points Reviewed

Centralist argue the following;

1. China is unitary state. It's 1 billion. 1 government policy, 1 delivery service. They waste less in cost of too many administrations and eliminate conflict between governments. It's smooth 1 power state. How can Somalia who is 10 million be federalism? what about the waste of cost having duplicate ministries, parliaments, security services? A bloated government means less public services as they need to pay for expenses to keep running such bloated government branches.

This is the only point I have heard from 'pure centralists' they are not many this type, infact very few exist. Most Somalis fall into this category of centralism.

Central headquarter and regional arms controlled by 1 government, 1 city, 1 security. This was the type of centralist we have they are 'quasi federalists'. They argue for a 'big bloated central government' and 'smaller branches of government' in the regions who have no 'political say' and just deal with 'delivery' of services. Remember government has two branches. Siyasad branch where you create the 'amar' and 'orders' and the 'fulin' branch the people who carry out those orders. So Somalis envision federal regions who are submissive to the central authorities and basically have their 'policy' side removed and they still to being told what to do and how to do it(fulin side)

Federalist have two types also.

1. Centralist federalist, this is what our constitution says. Military/Currency which are the engines of an economy and security is managed by federal authorities. It's not a 'shared' duty either, it's completely given to the federal authorities. So this means you should not have a say in who is named the SFG official named in your region who handles the 'security' side. Similar to the FBI in a way.

They want FBI type of officers in our state who handle federal matters such as border security, checkpoints around Ethiopia or Kenya, they want the port and airport security to come under an SFG official since their deemed entry points of the whole nation not just the state. They also argue for immigration officers and departments in the regions who are policy driven by the Mogadishu guys and only report to the federal administration. They don't take any command from the state government.

Foreign affairs is solely the federal role in terms of 'policy' and state role is nothing, this includes any function deemed 'foreign affairs' like embassies, consulates, foreign policy towards a nation externally. The only shared 'matter' might foreign investment, since it's 'foreign' but the states can argue it's about their 'state' development function and development is a state role. So this will be shared role foreign investment between regions/feds. Ports/Airport management if it includes a 'foreign' nation, the feds must be asked for permission since it's a shared role as it covers 'development' which is a state's right but since it's foreign it's a federal matter also.

So the only shared matters between the state government and federal is around 'development' areas nothing else. Foreign development/Foreign investment will definitely be shared by the states and federal authority. But foreign policy will never be shared, no regional government can speak on any matter politically around the world, nor attend any political function around the world outside of 'development' with 'approval' from the federal authority since it's a foreign function lol. This even covers 'scholarships' since it's education matter but includes foreign elements like going to another country. So the federal government will not tanasul on any of it's deemed roles and anyone calling for such thing is asking for dawlad la'an.

The states must not tanasul on any 'development' function within their states either be it locally or foreign since it's a state matter development but if it has 'foreign' component you need approval from the federal authority. Immigration matters is solely a federal matter and not a state matter unless it concerns 'development' like you need immigrant workers to be 'farmers' yes the federal regions can say this is a shared role now since a component of development is involved.

Hadi sharciga la raci laha there would be no conflict, some people are just not happy with the constitution I think. Forget currency unless it touches on policing, development, education, health, or businss investment maba ka hadli karan dawladaha mamulada. I am speaking legally from the constitutional point. We would need a constitutional court with vested powers to make rulings on thse matters so we can file it and remind politicians the last schmuck tried what ur doing and the constitutional matter delivered a verdict and ARREST HIM.
I hope to Study Somali Law and be elected as constitutional judge to reach verdicts for all Somalis. I am impartial and not qabyalad driven, following the law by the letter. Give me 'enforcing' power and police to take my 'amar' also so I can arrest anyone who commits a federal crime. Thank you and I will deal with these *******s
Puntland has negative points so Federalka. It's not one way sxb arintu. Farole even said that recently. I like Nugaal we are very puntland first lakin we don't reject 'caqli gal' la sheegayo iyo cadaymo.

First of all Puntland pays no taxes to the federal authority, they want in 'xaquuqooda' la siiyo iyo canshur inaysan bixin waa mahmah horey loo sheegay kan. No taxation no representation. U will not be represented in 'aid distribution' ileen waxba kumadan darsadan dawlada federalka dhinaca canshurta. The only one paying is Mogadishu. So they will take all the aid allocated also since wajibki laga rabay ayay guteen waxana loo abaal mariyay xaquuqooda. Marka tan dood malaha illa laga hadlo sida canshuraha dalka loo qaybsan doono. Till then Puntland needs to shut up about foreign aid oo magac somali lagu soo qaato. Niin canshur bixiya ayaa ka hadli kara xaquuq ka maqan adeer macane.

Federalkuna arimaha horumarka haka tanasuleen completely, yaysan siyasad ku darsan, hawl uu taal ma aha taas xitaa hadu arintu foreign affair yahay ama dalal kale ku jira. Yes meelaha ayaa arimaha dibada dhawaci karto iyo siyasadisa iyo horumarka waa laga hadli kara. Lakin this is a shared duty. Dagaal siyasadeed haku bilabin dawlada dubai markay lacag siiso puntland marine. Wa arin dhaqaale iyo horumarka puntland ku saabsan oo taban kara hadi siyasadina arimaha dibada aadan soo dhex galin meelaha ay mamulada qusayso. Lakin meel aan ii qusayn ka hadalkeeda xaq uma lihi waana inan uu hogaansama dawlada federalka iyo taladeeda.

Anigu muwadin baan ahay niyahow xaq daro ma jecli lakin puntland iyo danaheeda kama tanasulayo. VOTE ME AS PUNTLAND PRESIDENT AS I USE MY DIPLOMATIC GENE INHERITED FROM MY FATHER. Everything that touches the development area of a state needs consultation, famaajo xaqa yusan diidan waa inu uu yeedha mamulka ay taban karto siyasadisa dibada. Ethiopia ama kenya ayaan weerar ku ahay war ma ahee farmaajo, wa siyasada dibada wa run iyo siyasadisa adaa leh lakin tan waxay tabanaysa mamulada oo caafimaad, ganacsi, waxbarasho uu tago meelahasi. Wa meel wada tashi uu bahan, ma aha arin isaga keliya ku eekan karo. Waxay keenaysa in lagu kala tago meesha, wallahi waan ka kici laha anigu hala cayo puntland iyo danaheeda cidda ka tanashusho ma aha muwadin puntland waa duli la hayste ah.
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Look at farole who held this talk on Democracy last nite. Look who is there a lady from mogadishu I think it's shuke wife im not sure

Even my father is like that, wuu la shira hawiye siiba habar gedir sacad who were some of his best friends. War meeshu waa danta umada, where-as galkacyo folks wont dare speak to hawiye, they are useless nationalist that is EXTREME NATIONALISM. Nugaal is moderate conservative. We are the haert of somalia runti. Bari is just a fuckin nacas la hayste ah meeshu la jiido wuu aqbala.

Qof wax ka sheegayo reer nugaaleed ma arkaysid oo doqon ah. We never get attacked in nugaal. Noone hates us cause we get along with people but we have our principles, we accept fair discussion and what's fair for the nation we will tanasul hadi dan loo arko, qabiil ma eegayno. It's always galkayo or bosaso meesha la weeraro cause one is liberal **** wax kasto soo dhowayo, iyo mid kale wa extremist **** dadka inu laayo raba.

Abdirazak Haji Hussein qabilkisa ha eegin. Reer nugaaleed buu ahaa. Maxamed Abshir reer nugaaleed buu ahaa. Sharmarke eega wala dilay see reer bari they are like big xoolo wallahi. Ganacsiga ku roon yihin, siyasada kuma roona. Mudug u saw abdillahi yusuf and his jabhad and extreme qabyalad with ssdf marki nabad la ahaa. Only mudug. Extreme nationalism is crazy and extreme welcoming is unacceptable. NUGAAL IS RIGHT IN BETWEEN BOTH POLICIES.

Noone mentions this but when Abdillahi created SSDF it was a mudug project, not created from reer nugaal or bari, they were invited only to join and some did like the nacas they were. Anything nugaal creates is perfection. ABDILLAHI restored his glory based on creating something from nugaal using nugaal guys. Why u think all our think thanks and brain power is in garowe like PDRC.
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Federal govt should not touch anywhere that can harm or cripple another states development be it education scholarship, health trips, business men who use dubai, security funding for certain regions from other states. They should be very careful when they form a foreign policy towards nations that have an economic footprint in our country or your hurting our people. U need to know where to draw the line.

U need to figure out what is my right for setting policy and what is not my right. Is the policy political, does it have economic repercussion for any regions, does it have a health/education/investment impact on a region? the federal government cannot reach a decision untill it is certain it will not harm anyone in the country, only then can they make a policy and give orders and the regions must be obey it at all time. Any leader in the west always looks before he make a decision to see it's not going to harm his people or his allies or friends.

The federal government needs a balancing act between their foreign friendships and their national stakeholders. They need to forget individual opinions but base everything on the impacts his decision will have either foreign friendship or internal stakeholders. A great leader will know how to manage both these aspects and create a win win. If he can't create a win win he is a wasted leader who will finish his time in 'isqabqabsi' and nothing being done. Look at Somalia haday lacag wax tarayso, why is the nation still 15 years the same place, waxay ku jiran cycle aad uu xun oo isku noqnoqonayso oo juq juq meeshad joggo weeye.
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All you see in Somalis in cafe or online is complaining and being ball busters. U never see them in waxay saxan mana ogga, waa iska mucurad jogta ah. Mucurad jogta ah oo aan wax sixi karin, is a waste of people time, you can't do any better then the person your criticizing, so your criticism is not constructive and you should take a loss yourself and step away from saying anything. There is only two type of leaders in this world.

1. Statesman like Mandela who all his people love regardless what he does. Yasser Arafat and those types. They are like one in every century, most leaders are not statesman.

2. Politician, this is what most people who lead are, their not loved by all people like statesman and they shouldn't act like they are. I am SIYASI type since I am not loved on SPOT at all. But there is different 'grades' to siyasi who know how balance their policy with reason and evidence and know their role and keep people satisfied and those who just know how to use money to buy people but lack the brain power to leave behind something lasting. Money won't change anything because once your gone, the next guy will want more money or will mucurad. It's the same cycle.
Mudug people are hilarious. They good people not good politicians. They basically believe hadi aad qurxonayn inu ku dilo. Like if your in chaos, war, instability, he prefers inu ku dilo oo xanuunka ku haayo ka saaro looooooooooool. Their genocidal types reer muduga. Reer bariga waa absolutely opposite, ama qurux yeelo ama ha yeelan 'ari boowe' bay ku oranayan, they will welcome u. Nugaal waa dadka ugu yaabka miran...horta isqurxi bay ku lee yihin, markad adigu isqurxisid ayaanu wax ka si qurxoon dhisan karna. Lakin adigu sida uu taal waxba maba dhisan karno. They prefer segregate, fix yourself approach, and lets come together to talk.

All Somalis are deep down unitarian even Isaaq and Habar awal. Macqul ma aha inaad gooni noqotid and become 10 little djiboutis with 80 million neighbors. Somalis would love to be separate, lakin way og yihin in mandaqada looga badan yahay so their not suicidal. Their no point your independent and your being 'threatened' by another nation that is larger who doesn't have to respect you since your law and his law are different. Somalis are only unitarian cause they know they can't survive on their own. Their is no point handing your kids a 'kitty cat nation' with a lion next door. It's absolutely suicidal.

The only thing is now the type of federalism and the constitution is centralist federalism. 4 duties completely handed to them of importance foreign policy, defence(air, land, sea), currency, plus immigration(custom officers at all ports, airports, checkpoints at border areas). States are only just 'policy/delivery' in the areas of roads, hospitals, schools, policing, and business investment. We don't even know who sets taxation laws since that hasn't been decided between states and federal authority. The liklihood scenario is they will get separate federal tax from each region economy. But this has to be applied equally on all states so there is no unfair advantage for anyone. Resource sharing is not even decided, the thing their doing in parliament in mogadishu waa iska show taasi. Because the regions can tell international community this clearly defined as SHARED MATTER not just mogadishu. It's development role not foreign policy only.

Federal courts and State courts and their duties are undefined. Does state deal with common crimes and national crimes? for example what is a national crime and what is a state crime? is theft local crime and murder national crime? Their legislative haven't divided their duties at all with federal passing laws for all states and state parliament rejecting it lol. There is no framework agreed on I guess what the duty of federal parliament is and what is state parliament job. Forget constitutional court looooooool we can't take our cases before someone and reach a verdict, we have to go to ethiopia or dubai for our MAXKAMAD LOOOOOOOOL. Farmajo ha soo dhiso maxkamad before he tells state government to leave in lawlessness and have someone just do whatever he wants. U always need a court or else you will go overseas and he can't stop them either, ma haysto maxkamad dalka lagu heeshiyay waxay ka shaqayn doonta, dadka ku jiri doono, because dasturki ayaan lagu heeshin looooool
War yaa ilaahi yaqaan :****aanyolaugh:
I never claimed to be states-man, not everyone loves me on the SPOT. If I had 100% love like Mandela or Arafat did from his people, that's a states-man. They come 1 in a century ratio. Don't waste your time on pleasing everyone, that's statistic ratio of 1 in a century. Your unlikely to fudge those numbers. Work on being a good siyasi as they can be graded into low iq types and the higher iqs.


I never claimed to be states-man, not everyone loves me on the SPOT. If I had 100% love like Mandela or Arafat did from his people, that's a states-man. They come 1 in a century ratio. Don't waste your time on pleasing everyone, that's statistic ratio of 1 in a century. Your unlikely to fudge those numbers. Work on being a good siyasi as they can be graded into low iq types and the higher iqs.

You're taking this too seriously saaxib :mjlaugh: