Can You Change Your Race? Martina Big thinks so.

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Race is more than skin color and hair texture.

There's bone structure (impossible to change) and most important of all genetics.


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True but who has time for bone structure. Color and hair texture is more easier to tell.
From a distance perhaps, up close it becomes salient.

Italians and Koreans have the same skin color (olive-yellowish) and hair color (black), yet don't look the same at all.
She is what she says she is. If she identifies as a black, she is a black.

And i'll allow her to say the N word. Go on sister say it whith your chest,

Yaaaas kween :mjswag:


Were set
Yes, you can change your race break your nose. I was the best dummy half until :deadmanny:

All those guys on the Field laugh at me:hahaidiot:

Until I went off and never became dummy half again

I became right wing:yousmart:

and scored so many tries :sass1:

Then I left NRL.

Join Soccer:westbrookswag:
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