Can anyone of you people dance?

Its funny cuz ive never danced much. In my head im probably the best dancer since the moves seem easy.
The times ive tried dancing you couldnt call it dancing.

So any Sspoter here that can dance?


Hiatus✅ 1/18/21- ?
We don't wanna see no broken limbs and hips stop the cap. Xaliimos try to dance but end up looking like cadaans. Dancing is for the degenerates anyway


When I went to my first wedding around 9 I saw all my female relatives there dancing and tried to join in but then my hooyo said dancing is for women and not men. Haven't tried it every since and now its firmly set in my mind that if I see a Somali man dancing he's either insane or swings different (which I know is incorrect on my part) :mjcry:


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